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Rebranding, new marketing and communications  strategy for this leading catholic charity
(formerly the Pontifical Missions Societies)
Supported transformation from the Cardiomyopathy Association
Enjoyed some challenging projects mainly for medium sized charities, supporting improved strategies and plans that help make a difference. Have also been a trustee of charities for over 12 years. Here are  few examples of projects undertaken whilst a director of Ashridge Communications. If you need to review your mission, vison and values, business strategy or want to overhaul your marketing and communications strategy please get in touch.

Charity projects

Led on this project which had these key elements:

  • Stakeholder research

  • Mission, Vision and Values

  • Re-branding

  • Handled tendering for web, branding and publishing

  • PESTLE and SWOT analyses

  • Communications strategy

  • NHS referral strategy and account management plan

  • Supported review of relationship with larger charities

'Our new marketing and communications strategy truly put the charity on a new level. Ashridge's consultative approach in developing the strategy and our Mission, Vision and Values really engaged staff and trustees in the process. They provided consistent support and guidance throughout the whole of the review process ensuring that the aims of the project were achieved whilst continuing the engagement of supporters and staff. Ashridge's team worked hard on all of the many aspects of the project, helping us to position the charity more strongly in our sector so that we reach out more effectively to support more of those affected by heart muscle disease. I would be very happy to recommend their services.'

Robert Hall, ex- Chief Executive of the Cardiomyopathy Association (now CardiomyopathyUK)

Worked on this project and led on some aspects. Project elements -

  • Volunteers’ research

  • Examination of animation and funding

  • Cost Saving plan

  • Developed individual Programme strategies and plans




-Communications (publications, website)

-Volunteers, fundraising and appeals


-Major donors


  • Strategies and plans towards generating sustainable income

  • PR platform for widening  reach and awareness of Connect  

  • Supporting/giving  propositions for distinct audiences

  • Propositions linked to extending reach of Connect nationally

Supported the team in developing a project plan

  • Member non and lapsed research

  • Member recruitment strategy review

  • Member magazine overhaul and full publishing service

  • Corporate sponsor generation

National Day Nurseries Association
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